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We know you’ve guys been asking for a new Policy Wonks episode and we’re happy to present you with a new one! Arturo and Jose explain to you guys what they’ve been up too once their summer started. 

It’s finally Monday, meaning you can finally catch our latest and concluding episode of our Asarco series!

Our second part to our Asarco episode is finally here! We hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Check out our new theme song thanks to the help of Whale Oil! Definitely let us know what you think!

We know you’ve been waiting so here its: Policy Wonks new episode. Watch as the Wonks tackle the topic of ASARCO. 


The Wonks are getting ready for their next episode, but here’s a little something to keep you satisfied. 


Don’t know what urban sprawl is? We’ve got you covered! Check out Policy Wonks third episode! Also, don’t forget to submit your comments and questions, they’re very much appreciated. 


We know you guys are getting ready for Spring Break, so we just wanted to give you a quick Policy Wonks update! Thank you for submitting your questions and comments, please continue doing so, they mean a lot to us. 

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We know you guys missed us but we bring you good news. You can now watch the second episode of Policy Wonks! Hope you guys enjoy it!

We hope you guys are having a great Valentines Day, we know we are because we finally have Community Scholars very first episode of Policy Wonks! We hope you guys enjoy it!